After-School Programs


During the school year, for after school CodeCrew teaches kids Mobile Apps Development, Robotics, JavaScript, Python, Unreal Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Video Game Design just to name a few. Below you will find what is currently being offered.

GRADES K - 4th


Cub Coders Class is open to students grades K to 4th. The goal is to understand the role of sequence, loops, conditions and functions in programming. Now your little one can learn the basics of Computer Science with CodeCrew!

Class begins September 23, 2021

GRADES 5th - 12th

Introduction to Video Game Development Using Construct 3

This is a beginner level class recommended for grades 5th - 12th that focuses on video game design and development within the Construct 3 environment, students who have done some level of programming or game design in the past are also eligible. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to implement common game mechanics and put them together to create well-rounded and exciting 2-D games! This course requires access to a laptop or desktop computer; if using a laptop, then a separate mouse is highly recommended.

Class begins September 20, 2021

Data Science

Data drives what we buy, where we live, what we watch. Learn how Data Science helps shape the world we live in.

This course equips students in grades 9th - 12th with the essential skills of a data scientist which include data collection, cleanup, transformation, analysis, and visualization. Students will write algorithms, tell data stories, and build statistical models using Python libraries.

Class begins September 21, 2021

Artificial Intelligence

The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course teaches students important programming concepts that enable the use of Artificial Intelligence in computer science and society at large. Students in grades 9th -12th will learn how to incorporate basic Artificial Intelligence algorithms in their own work, and consider the social and ethical implications of how Artificial Intelligence is used, and how it plans to be used. Students will develop a series of projects that illustrate the variety of ways Artificial Intelligence can be used to optimize and predict information and processes.


Class begins September 22, 2021