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How to write to sell

PAS (Problem-Attention-Solution)

Where to use: advertisements, social media, and newsletters.

Sales text template

The problem - point out the client's pain.

Attention - talk about hire someone to write a paper the consequences of the problem, the negative result for the client (we pressurize).

Solution - talk about how and why our product can help and solve the problem.

An example of a sales text

No time to walk the dog? (The problem.)

Late at work, best essays for sale away on a business trip, and your pet suffers at home alone? This can affect not only the condition of the apartment, but also the dog's psyche and health. (Warning.)

Kittens & Kittens Service will take care of your pet. We will come, walk your dog, play with him, and feed him when he gets home. It's safe and secure - all of our employees are rigorously vetted and trained, and you can always follow your pet on a video call. (Solution)

Joe Vitale Formula.

Where to post: website, webpage, social media, newsletters, and promotional print.

This is the most detailed selling text formula and can be used in full or partial format.

Sales Text Template

Attention - get the user's attention with UTP, promotions, discounts and other offers.

Promise - make an offer that is hard to refuse, describe the benefits you get the buyer.

Desire - evoke emotion, draw a picture in the present tense: "Imagine that you are...".

Persuasion - explain why the offer is profitable and the product is useful. Argue the position and give evidence: reviews, figures, photos.

Dialogue - work off potential objections.

Reminder - once again, talk about the benefits the buyer will receive.

Action - offer to click on a link, make an order, call or make a reservation.

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