Inspired by the UK's comprehensive tech education for students K-12, CodeCrew offers a variety of programs focused on ensuring that children learn information and computation principles, understand digital systems, and discover how to apply these concepts in programming and software development.



During the summer, CodeCrew offers a number of six-week summer camps teaching kids to build mobile apps, as well as AP computer science concepts using Java and Python. Kids showcase what they have learned at the end of the summer during our annual hackathon. 


During the school year, CodeCrew teaches kids to use Scratch, build Android apps, practice JavaScript coding and learn Unity game development. These programs meet weekly.  Kids show off their acquired skills in our December and May Hour of Code events.


In-School Electives

CodeCrew offers in-school classes at six locations in Memphis. These students learn coding during the school day, 4-5 days per week, as part of their class schedules. Currently, these courses include web development, JavaScript and Python. These skills can positively impact subjects outside of computer science and pique interest in technology among involved students.