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Former Memphis Grizzlies’ star Mike Conley donated $200,000 to five cities including Memphis

Jonathan Marshall

May 20, 2020

Former Memphis Grizzlies' star Mike Conley donated $200,000 to five cities where he has ties.

Conley plays for the Utah Jazz now but he remains loved in Memphis for his work on and off the court.

The Grit and Grind legend is still dishing out assists for the city.

His latest gesture was a donation to CodeCrew, a non-profit providing computer science education for children and adults.

This is part of a $200,000 donation to programs in multiple cities also including New Haven Missionary Baptist Church in West Helena, Arkansas.

With distance learning the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Conley saw a need with CodeCrew teaching students digitally.

"Not everybody has the same resources," Conley said. "Not everybody has Wi-Fi fast enough. Not everybody has the capability to do a lot of these things."

CodeCrew Executive Director Meka Egwuekwe said Conley always made a point to spend time with kids in the program.

"I say every time Mike Conley was bouncing the ball in the FedEx Forum kids were learning how to code," said Egwuekwe.

He said the donation will provide a computer and internet access for one year to 90 students.

"The challenge is in Memphis in particular is an access problem," Egwuekwe said. "That too many people just simply don't have access to the technology and then don't have access to learning how to be tech producers."

It's been almost a year since Conley was traded to the Jazz. The name on the front of the jersey has changed but his love for the city remains the same.

"Mike was always personable with the kids directly," Egwuekwe said. "I mean he's a real human being with our kids. He demonstrates that tangibly in the ways like he did today."

"I know that's a real issue and I want them to still be able to achieve their goals and continue their education in whatever they're trying do to," Conley said.

Memphis children will benefit from the donation.

Check out the Fox 13 Memphis article here


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