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Code School is a hands-on class designed to train individuals to be entry-level software developers within a six-month course. The minimum education requirement is at least a high school diploma or GED. Students work in a small classroom setting and use real-word technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development, the leadership, and the life skills needed for a successful career and job market competitiveness.

What We Do

What You'll Learn in Code School:

6. DEMONSTRATE A STRONG HEART AND MIND - Becoming a fantastic software developer takes hard work and dedication, from showing up every day on time to completion of homework and projects.


7. SHOW UP, AND WORK HARD - Each of the 25 students in the class will work together every weekday, 40 hours per week, for six months to master this skill set.


8. GRADUATE, AND LAND A GREAT JOB - CodeCrew Code School is successful only when our students are successful in their careers.  Thus, CodeCrew Code School partners with local companies seeking our highly-skilled, highly-qualified graduates to fill open software development positions to help each graduate interview for and get placed in a well-paying, entry-level position.


9. ONGOING ADVISING AND MENTORING - CodeCrew Code School will provide continued advising and mentoring to every graduate as they transition into careers as professional software developers.


10. BE FANTASTIC! - Every graduate carries the reputation of the CodeCrew Code School with them into the workforce. We expect you to represent and represent well!

Code School Admission Process:
1. NOMINATION - Memphis area residents with at least a high school diploma (or GED) may be nominated by a teaching, community, or other professional that is not a relative.  Once the student is nominated, they will be invited to complete an application.
2. APPLICATION - Upon nomination, the student must complete an application that collects information regarding the student and his or her readiness for the program.


3. INTERVIEW - Upon completion of the application, qualifying students will be invited and scheduled for an in-person, two-part interview at one of several locations in the Memphis area.


4. ACCEPTANCE - Twenty-five qualifying students are then accepted into the Code School.


5. REVIEW INTRODUCTORY MATERIALS - Some pre-materials (links, videos, etc.) will be provided that introduce some initial concepts and that must be reviewed before the first day of class.

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The CodeCrew Code School is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This authorization must be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.