Use real-world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding.

Code School is a hands-on class designed to train individuals to be entry-level software developers within a six-month course. The minimum education requirement is at least a high school diploma or GED. Students work in a small classroom setting and use real-world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development, the leadership, and the life skills needed for a successful career and job market competitiveness.

What We Do

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What You'll Learn in Code School:

1. APPLY - Complete the online application. The application essay questions ask for candidates to respond with a minimum of at least 300 characters. It is better to provide too much detail than not enough. Check your spelling and grammar!
2. INTERVIEW - After candidates complete the online application, they receive an email to sign up for the in person interview. Candidates should prepare for the interview by carefully reading the instructions sent after scheduling. Instructions will come via email at least one week prior to their scheduled interview time.


3. OPEN HOUSE -After the interview, selected candidates will be asked to attend a Code School Open House. Perspective candidates are asked to make themselves available for the entire day. Code School will provide lunch at the Open House. There Candidates are also asked to attend the Community Showcase, which is later that evening at 6PM.

4. LEARN THE FOUNDATIONS OF PROGRAMMING - After the Open House, 25 individuals will be invited to learn the foundations of programming in our four week prep course. The cost to the candidate is $100 and must be paid before the first day of the four week prep course. This amount will be applied to the overall tuition amount. At the end of the four weeks, candidates are assessed using a Code School scorecard. The scorecard determines how well candidates have mastered basic programming concepts. Candidates who achieve mastery on the Code School scorecard, are invited to continue to learn advanced programming concepts. Code School requires another $100 deposit from the candidate at the end of four weeks. This amount will be applied to the overall tuition amount.

5. LEARN FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPMENT - After candidates learn the foundations of programming, they are invited to further build their skills and learn full stack web development. After an additional eight weeks of learning, candidates are again assessed using a Code School scorecard. It is at this time a candidate is officially enrolled as a student of the bootcamp and must create a tuition payment plan. Please read the terms of our financial obligations.


6. GRADUATE FROM BOOTCAMP - Students must successfully meet the requirements on the Code School Graduation Scorecard. Graduates of the program present their final coding projects in front of employers and community members. This is the best opportunity graduates have to showcase the skills they’ve learned throughout the program.


7. JOB PLACEMENT SERVICES - CodeCrew Code School is successful only when our students are successful in their careers. Thus, CodeCrew Code School partners with local companies seeking our highly-skilled, highly-qualified graduates to fill open software development positions to help each graduate interview for and get placed in a well-paying, entry-level position.


8. ALUMNI AMBASSADOR - Every graduate carries the reputation of the CodeCrew Code School with them into the workforce. We expect you to represent and represent well! As a Code School Alum you are expected to be an ambassador for Code School, update Code School staff each month on progress towards securing full time employment opportunities and pay your financial obligation. Please see Financial Obligations for more details.

The Code School financial model is one where students pay their tuition forward to support incoming cohorts of software developers who desire a career in computer science. Students sign an Income Share Agreement, where they agree to pay $350/month for three years, which is the average time a graduate has to pay their deferred tuition costs. Students can apply for tuition assistance through the Code School partnership with Workforce Investment Network. This assistance decreases the total cost of the program for the student. 100% of graduates have qualified for this assistance.

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The CodeCrew Code School is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. This authorization must be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.