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Professional Development Workshop Catalogue

Here is a catalogue of our past professional development workshops

6/02/24 —— CSTA & CodeCrew Tinker Tuesdays @ Library - Cordova Library 11-12:30

6/18/24 —— CSTA & CodeCrew Tinker Tuesdays @ Library - Cossitt Library 11-12:30

6/30/24 —— CSTA & CodeCrew Tinker Tuesdays @ Library - Central Library 11-12:30


Nov 16

Computational Thinking

Often, students are introduced to devices before they learn the basics of Computer Science. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Computational Thinking and collaborate with other teachers to discuss how to introduce the concepts in engaging ways.

This workshop is perfect for teachers who are interested in Computer Science and want to know where to start, as well as teachers who want to share practical ideas for how to incorporate concepts into any lesson. This workshop is open to all teachers (yes, even you!) who have an interest in Computer Science.

Let's start at the beginning, together!

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