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CodeCrew is passionate about mentoring youth to be tech leaders and innovators throughout Memphis and we are always looking for brilliant people to join our team. Learn more about our open positions below and submit your resume to us for the position that best fits you.

K-12 Computer Science Part-time Co-Instructor
The Co-Instructor is position is to aid the lead instructor in cultivating a fun, safe, and enriching environment for students to develop and strengthen coding and social skills. This person will report to the Curriculum and Instruction Manager and work with Instructor(s) and other Co-Instructors to achieve classroom objectives.  CodeCrew courses teach students using a variety of platforms, including traditional text-based and graphical block-based programming.  The Co-Instructor’s primary objectives are to work with students to encourage them to think computationally and facilitate understanding of course material.  The Co-Instructor will also perform various classroom tasks, including debugging technical issues, taking attendance, reviewing previous lessons with the class, handing out/collecting classroom material, etc...
This position is an excellent opportunity for college students looking for weekly experience in the classroom. Assistants can expect shifts to work around their course schedule. The pay rate is $16 per hour
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