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CodeCrew is passionate about mentoring youth to be tech leaders and innovators throughout Memphis and we are always looking for brilliant people to join our team. Learn more about our open positions below and submit your resume to us for the position that best fits you.

To help us better understand your interest, skills, and availability, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. 

The Instructor leads one or more classes and shape the computer science education experience for our youth. You will teach students using a variety of platforms including traditional text-based programming, graphical block-based programming, and programming for hardware devices such as tablets, Lego Mindstorms, and Arduino--to name a few. Your primary objectives are to encourage youth to become innovators in technology, to encourage and promote computational thinking, and to increase students' proficiency with the platform covered by the course. You will also lead one or more teaching assistants and manage the classroom in accordance with CodeCrew's training and guidelines. The Instructor reports to the Curriculum and Instruction Manager.
The function of the teaching assistant and volunteer is to aid the lead instructor in cultivating a fun, safe, and enriching environment for students to develop and strengthen coding and social skills. The teaching assistant/volunteer may either be technical or non-technical. Your primary objectives are to assist students by providing general guidance and advice, and emotional support. You will provide assistance to lead instructor by setting up activities and work areas, distributing and collecting papers, etc. The TA records class attendance and seeks to build positive, effective mentorships with students. You will also assist in maintenance of equipment by communicating issues and suggestions to Program Manager or Executive Director. The Teaching Assistant reports to Instructor and Curriculum & Instruction Manager.
This position is an excellent opportunity for college students looking for weekly experience in the classroom. Assistants can expect shifts to work around their student course schedule.

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