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CodeCrew is passionate about mentoring youth to be tech leaders and innovators throughout Memphis and we are always looking for brilliant people to join our team. 

K-12 Technology Coach
Every student deserves access to high-quality computer science education. As a part-time Technology Coach, you will play a crucial role in helping CodeCrew achieve its mission by working with underrepresented students in computer science to navigate various educational technology used for learning computer science.
As a Technology Coach, you will be responsible for providing individual and small group coaching to students learning technology-related aspects of their computer science coursework. This may include helping students set up and navigate robotics, assisting with software installation and troubleshooting, and providing guidance on how to use different online tools and resources. In addition to working directly with students, you will also collaborate with CodeCrew Instructors to develop and implement training programs that help educators integrate technology into their computer science curriculum. This may involve leading learning sessions or creating instructional resources that support educators and students.
This is a part-time role that requires a minimum commitment of 9-15 hours per week, with flexible scheduling options available. The pay rate is $16 per hour
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