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Hour of Code

CodeCrew students join the largest learning event in history! The Hour of Code is a finale to a semester of coding and the event is free.This unique event provides an opportunity for kids to be introduced to games that help students practice coding skills and concepts.

Students partner with volunteers from the Memphis tech community to create mobile applications and get the chance to showcase their projects to a panel of judges.Students will demonstrate their apps to the community, with the chance of winning big prizes.The Hackathon is open to all students entering grades five to twelve, with no experience required. There is a $10 administrative fee.Please continue to check with us for this year's Hackathon's details as they are being finalized

During this 5 week virtual summer camp, participants in grades 8 -12 will learn the fundamentals of how to build web applications. Throughout the course, parents are responsible for collecting data about spending in selected budget categories, while students learn to create apps. At the end of the course, parents and students will come together to build a financial application using the data parents have collected and the computer science skills students have learned.

​This virtual event for students ages 11-19 will assemble five teams in Memphis and five teams in Tel Aviv, challenging each to build businesses that bring together sports and technology.


Each team will comprise up to five members. Students will participate in workshops on business modeling, prototyping, and pitching.  Each team will be scored by a panel of judges, with winning teams being awarded prizes.  Students will also engage in a number of cultural exchanges and learn about social issues in their respective countries, as they reflect on historical context and recents events.

88 Union Avenue, 2nd Floor, Memphis, TN 38103  |  901-229-1720  |  |  #GritGrindCode 

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