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8th Annual HACKATHON

Cosmetology, Barbering, & Beauty Industry

Hackathon App Challenge

Since 2015 CodeCrew has offered a two-day Hackathon aimed at inspiring teamwork and civic engagement for students. For the first time, we are adding a kick-off event on Friday, July 29th from 5 PM - 7 PM. Teams are tasked with building a mobile app around a specific topic. Past topics have been, student health, school safety, human trafficking, fitness, and civic pride. These broad topics allowed teams to create applications based on what the challenge topic meant to them. In the end, teams produced a wide range of apps related to the challenge topic.


After being virtual for two years, this year's Hackathon is back in-person! Students in grades 5th-12th can work as a team with up to four members. This year's theme is on the Beauty, Barbering, and Cosmetology industry. We are asking entrepreneurs and industry professionals to provide feedback on how an app can help their business or the industry. Scheduling, money management, and client management are just a few areas students can consider, and create a mobile app to help navigate, understand, or improve these and other areas that touch on cosmetology, beauty, and barbering. The topic is intentionally broad so as to not limit students' creativity.

Check out our last in-person Hackathon in 2019!



Students can work as individuals or as teams of up to four. No more than four students are allowed to form a team.You can use the following programming languages and platforms:  
C, C++, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, and other text programming languages are accepted, as well as “block code” such as AppInventor, App Studio, and other platforms for PC, web, tablet, robot, mobile, drones, etc.
The sky is the limit, unleash your creativity.

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To be eligible to participate in the CodeCrew Hackathon you must be a rising 5th grader through rising 12th grader.


Important Dates 

June 15


Grab a guardian and sign up! Registration starts

June 15th and ends July 28th or until all spots are filled.

Registration is $10 USD. Limited scholarships are available. If in need of a scholarship, please email your request to

Registration closed

July 28


July 29


FedEx Institute of Technology

University of Memphis

365 Innovation Drive

Memphis, Tennessee 38152

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

July 30
July 31


FedEx Institute of Technology

University of Memphis

365 Innovation Drive

Memphis, Tennessee 38152

9:00 AM - Students Arrive

5:00 PM - Student Dismissal

November 1


Each team that participates in the Hackathon is eligible to submit their App for TN District 9 by November 1st
Previous Winners from CodeCrew


As we have been breaking digital barriers and creating opportunities for kids, we could not have done it without all of the love and support from the community. As we transform to a digital world, CodeCrew is here to make sure OUR future has the opportunity to learn and grow.

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