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Internship Program


CodeCrew provides internship opportunities to youth who have shown leadership and innovation within our tech education programs. We partner with tech companies, such as Preteckt, to offer our most advanced students opportunities to work and gain real-world experience in the computer science and tech industry.

The Danse uses powerful technology to provide real solutions to real problems. Their team stays ahead of the curve because they believe in obtaining the best talent to deliver their products and services. We are proud to have two CodeCrew excellent students become interns at the renowned agency. The Danse provides cost effective custom training simulations, virtual reality development for training, gamification solutions and animations while always maintaining the highest quality of work and integrity

Amy Zhou was on the winning team of the Hackathon in her first year and continued on excel through our program. When Preteckt reached out to CodeCrew for a intern, we knew she was a prime candidate because of the excellence she possesses, the leadership she shows, her innovation, and ownership of her creativity. 

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