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4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

1. Creativity. When students are introduced to computer science it opens them up to a wide range of possibilities in which they have the opportunity to be inventive and formulate a variety of solutions. By participating in hands on activities like building robots and using MIT AppInventor, students can easily establish a habit of generating something new from diverse mediums.

2. Problem Solving. Coding is an excellent way for kids to practice problem solving because it entails that you figure out whats working and what isn't as well as why. It also requires that you test out ideas through trial and error. This skill will ultimately teach kids that finding solutions to many problems involves failing and taking risks.  

3. Preparation. Being exposed to computer science early on will ultimately prepare students for a variety of promising careers and opportunities. Currently, there are about 500,000 job openings in every state and every industry for computer science!

4. Digital Literacy. This day and age there are several aspects of our world that have been shaped by programming and are highly dependent on technology for basic function and efficiency. As technology continues to grow and advance digital literacy is very likely to become an indispensable skill for nearly any occupation. So It's imperative that children learn code because it sets a tone for them to gain fundamental knowledge and appreciation for adapting and understanding regardless of their career path. 


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