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Grizzlies Code Camp: Making Progress

This summer, CodeCrew jump-started

it's Grizzlies Code Camp at the Lester Community Center. We had the pleasure of welcoming over 60 students dispersed throughout our, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. During the week students from each class are faced with completing different tasks according to their skill level, in which they work together to complete a mission. 

In only a few weeks, our Beginner class has quickly mastered the key components required to create a functioning app. So far they've grasped the ability to code text boxes and senses that allow their devices to process commands that generate speech as well as gaining control over the voice's language and pitch.

Students using MIT App Inventor

Throughout the weeks, our intermediate class has tackled the challenge of building and programming GRIPP3R robots. After adding the finishing touching and placing infrared sensors to their machines they were able to command their robots to maneuver as well as grasp and retrieve objects.

Students work together to build a robot

Our advanced class was faced with the task of setting up and operating the Arduino Uno, which entailed hooking up LED lights to their breadboard, as well as using code and user input to manipulate the device's buzzers as well as it's lights. As a result of learning these skills, these students have been able to successfully create games as well as musical instruments, through the tasks of programming and coding the Arduino.


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