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Groups come together using data to improve Memphis with innovative solutions

March 8, 2020

Groups came together to help find solutions to improve the city using all things data.

Memphis Civic Data Hackathon, a multi-day event, brought teams who wished to help improve the city of Memphis using data together.

The 3-day event included different themes. The themes were transportation and safety, health and safety and neighborhoods and the census 2020 representation.

Hackathon teams competed for cash prizes that included a grand prize of $800 per team, transportation and mobility prize of $400 per team, health and safety prize of $400 per team and neighborhoods and census 2020 prize of $400 per team.

The prizes were sponsored by Innovate Memphis.

The event was hosted by the city of Memphis, CodeCrew, Innovate Memphis, Start Co., 901 Counts, Shelby County, Tennessee, Office of Business Diversity and Compliance, Fedex Institute of Technology and a collection of civic data stewards.

Check out the Fox 13 Memphis article here

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